Comfortable In Her Shell

A book that encourages young readers to discover the powers of self-love, body positivity, and inclusivity towards others.

Meet the Real Life Characters - Squishy and Piccalilly!

Squishy, the heroine, and her sidekick sister Piccalilly, supporting protagonist, are the book's inspirational characters.

Buy a Book to Support Our Rescue Efforts

Proceeds raised by Comfortable In Her Shell  will help support the lives and care of our animals and those awaiting rescue.

Animal Assisted Therapy for Your Mental Health

Most common benefits include relaxation, acceptance, prevents isolation, increases positive moods and feelings of happiness. 

Because sometimes the best therapist have fur and paws.

We will soon be offering in-person interactions with cats, dogs, and reptiles.

Animals have a way of bring you to a different place.

Like reading a good book, being with animals take to you to new mindsets.